• Chetak Series Laser Welded Diamond Core Bits Shark Segment 250.00450.00

    BYCON wet diamond core bit is our speciality for professional concrete drilling market.

  • DMP-132P Hand Held Core Drill Motor 900.00

    DMP-132P max core drilling diameter 132mm lightweight portable concrete diamond core drill motor with 3 variable speeds.

    Hangzhou Bycon core drill motor DMP-132P  is designed for discerning contractors and wholesalers in professional markets. 1800W powerful but compact, suitable for wet or dry core drilling. 1 1/4″ UNC (M) and 1/2″ BSP (F) spindle can accept most core drill bit in European markets.

  • DMP-352 Powerful Core Drilling Machine 1,000.00

    Powerful diamond core drilling machine is designed for professional contractors.

    3-speed gear regulation, electronic and mechanical slipping clutch fixed to get the result of diamond core bit as well as possible, also great speed in drilling all substance.

    Heavy duty diamond core drill machines is a kind of tool which is mainly used to take out a column of material, especially in reinforced concrete, concrete block, concrete with rebars

    The cylinder left inside of the diamond core drill bit is named core. Concrete diamond core drill machines with heavy duty should be watered in operation. This tip extends the life of diamond core bits and long service of diamond core motor.

    Bycon diamond concrete core drilling machines with the features of strong power, reliable performance, and top industry quality.

    DMP-352 diamond core drill motor, drilling up to 402mm in reinforced concrete with rebars, is the most robust core motor in our factory. It is a rig-mounted model, extraordinary design leads to the perfect performance.

  • Dry Bird C-01 Series Micro Percussion Drill Bits 300.00400.00

    The C-01 series of Bycon DRY BIRD micro percussion drill bits are for hand-held machine with rated power range from 1800 watts up to 3000 watts. suitable for dry drilling through reinforced concrete, bricks and other building materials with high-efficiency.

  • DSP-352 Heavy Duty Concrete Diamond Core Drill Stand 500.00

    DSP-352 diamond core drill stand is a matched stand for the motor powerful motor, drilling up to 402mm. Travel length is 610mm.

    This pro rig is fixed into the ground by setting tools, and has a stable performance even in heavy load.

    High-performance core drill stands for demanding core drilling jobs, it is handy, lightweight, compact, more powerful. A stable core drill stands play an important roll in core drilling works, a good stand helps you reduce your energy and increase the efficiency. DSP-352 is a completely ideal stand for operators who need a stand capable to provide extreme strong stability even under the most extreme torque loads.

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